|11| Seven Whiskies (Five Scotch, One Irish and a Bourbon) | Drunk Idiot Review

Working off a script would have kept the length down if I hadn’t chosen to review seven bottles at the same time. My delivery is a bit off but this isn’t really a format that lends itself to multiple takes. If there’s a fine line between witty spontaneity and making a script reading sound natural, then I fell off it and spilt drink down my trousers.

|10| Sangsom Thai Rum | Review but Not Really

Well, here we are. I’ve done ten of these bloody liquor reviews now. It was back in May 2012 that I did the first. Thinking back, whoever ran Whyte & Mackay’s Twitter account retweeted it, which was nice, because all I’ve ever needed is encouragement.

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|6| Old Forester Bourbon Review | Also Includes Rusty Waffle

Playing video games on YouTube is for losers and degenerates. Masculinity pinnacles with miserable fat fishermen looking bumbletwunts who visibly age during the hour it takes them to guzzle down the best part of a bottle of bourbon while croaking their rusty waffle over any fool who’ll listen.

Today, as well as the review, I talk incoherently but mercifully briefly about dating and other suburban offences. There was this whole thing about cooking and family as well but I edited that mess out. Both matters demand talent with a knife that bourbon does not prime a man for.

Thank you for watching. I love you.

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