Without Form and Void

Without Form and Void by Chris Parlett

The Sun-God is on her way.

My name isn’t important, petal. You’ll either listen or you won’t.

Half the world is ashes, the other half couldn’t even piss in the right direction if their feet were on fire. I’ve had foreign dirt under my fingernails so long now it’s impossible to tell myself that this future is anything less than what we deserve.

Funny what a girl will fall in line behind for the security of a full belly and a high wall, don’t you think?

Still there? Lend me your ear then while I sow a vulgar parable of meat, money and make-believe. Better pour yourself a drink first though – top mine up too while you’re at it.

Chin up, petal.

The Sun-God won’t be long.

Available in Paperback and eBook

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