The Cochrane Report and Mask Efficacy

The Cochrane Report “Do Physical Measures Such as Hand-Washing or Wearing Masks Stop or Slow Down the Spread of Respiratory Viruses?” was published on 30 January 2023. (Jefferson et al. 2023). I have chosen two articles published by typically opposing outlets on the UK political spectrum from which to analyse how this report has been communicated to the public: The Daily Mail and The Guardian. Continue reading “The Cochrane Report and Mask Efficacy”

Kingdom of the Sunak

Rishi Sunak outside Number Ten, his waving arm dissected by a Covid positive lateral flow test.


In the miserable year that the Tories regained power, a humble investment banker from Southampton joined a hedge fund called Theleme, which would go on to invest in Moderna. Yes, that Moderna.

Dishy Rishi Sunak became a Conservative MP in 2015, rising up the party ranks until, as Chancellor of the Exchequer during the COVID-19 pandemic, he brought in hedge fund partner, John Sheridan, as an advisor. Goodness knows whose advice he was taking when he axed the £20-a-week increase in Universal Credit but it was our first proper indicator of his compassion for the poors. Continue reading “Kingdom of the Sunak”

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