I drink wine and drive through Edinburgh but it’s a bad simulation which is a shame but so is life

More unscripted drunken nonsence.

Forza Horizon 4 does a brilliant job at parts of Edinburgh. It’s close enough to have a fever dream confusion to it if you know the city well, which I do, but you wouldn’t know it from this video, (Argentine Malbec.)

They left out Leith completely though and that’s unforgivable.

Words from a writer too stubborn to fail

…would make for a great epitaph, no?

Anyway, and stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but a few years ago, when I’d moved back to the UK, I started sending out copies of my second book to literary agents (it was smaller, so cheaper to post) with nothing to signify who it was from or why but for “Please HELP me!” scrawled with a black Sharpie on the stark white of the cover.

My website was printed small by the barcode on the back at right angles to the jacket text and such was my naive, unfucked brain still fresh back in the fire that I felt anyone reading this GENIUS would want to seek him out and anyone WORTHY of representing him would be both able and willing, nay delighted to work their way through these cunning yet intriguing layers of mystery. Continue reading “Words from a writer too stubborn to fail”

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