|11| Seven Whiskies (Five Scotch, One Irish and a Bourbon) | Drunk Idiot Review

Working off a script would have kept the length down if I hadn’t chosen to review seven bottles at the same time. My delivery is a bit off but this isn’t really a format that lends itself to multiple takes. If there’s a fine line between witty spontaneity and making a script reading sound natural, then I fell off it and spilt drink down my trousers.

Review but not really: Whyte & Mackay, Special Blend

Whyte & Mackay, Special Blended Scotch Whiskey, 40.0% ABV
Whyte & Mackay, Special Blended Scotch Whisky, 40.0% ABV

Last week I wrangled some volunteer hack work with the Flaneur Art Blog for this year’s Edinburgh Festival. They said there was no need to wait until the festival itself started and mentioned, among other things, a desire for people to write for a new food section; the words ‘whisky reviews’ were used – well okay then. Continue reading “Review but not really: Whyte & Mackay, Special Blend”

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