Dinosaurs Eat Chips

Mum came up to visit so we drove down to Whitby. It’s a lovely place; part picturesque north-coast fishing village, part Gothic enclave of Dracula, Viking pillage and the best fish and chips in the country.

And you should see the dinosaurs.

The brazen fuckers snatch the food right out of your hand.

They were flocking so close one accidentally hit me with his wing.

I always used to regard gulls as cowardly fuckers but these guys really impressed me. Beautiful creatures.

And let’s not for a second forget – they’re motherfucking DINOSAURS.

Consider me a Gull fan.

4 thoughts on “Dinosaurs Eat Chips

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  1. They’re avain rats,I used to poison my chips:).Though Whitby is nice,the last time I was there, was the day before I went to prison and for a Goth thing in the 8o’s,a simpler happy time

    1. Watch this space for a defensive rant on the case FOR pigeons. Whitby is terribly nice; I got myself an Ammonite there.

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