International Students at Teesside University

Middlesbrough’s Teesside University has a student body of nearly 30,000. Of that number, more than 1,500 are international students. The ones we tended to notice are female but there is hushed talk of males.

Sam Howitt and I wondered what on earth possesed them to study here, of all places, but realised quickly that such a loaded question would never get a straight answer. Instead we badgered politely a select few for their impressions of the university and the surrounding town. We asked them what experiences they would take back home with them and if there was anything they wanted to get off their chests.

It seemed wise also to speak to the man who knows the most about the internationals at Teesside: Martin Pout, Assistant Dean for Marketing & Recruitment in the School of Arts & Media. He gave us a very informative interview and is a credit to the university.

We hope you find this shaky three minute snapshot to be a valuable insight into the ways and mind of the international student at Teesside University.

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  1. 1500 students from foreign countries and you couldn’t find one Dane? You could do an interview,with subtitles:)

    1. I know! There’re people from all over here, very diverse, but I’ve only met a couple of Viking Norwegians and an attractive Finnish girl, that’s it for Scandinavia, I’m afraid. Jeg tror ​​jeg har sikkert glemt det meste af mit dansk 😦

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