Monsters #1 | Prologue. Part One. | Eighties racist hatred.

I’ve ummed and ahhed about whether or not to upload this as is or to just re-record it, but I’m thinking I’m happy with what this is – my first attempt at a reading from ‘Monsters.’

My concerns are that it’s rough as all fuck and hardly up to the quality of an audiobook, but then even the act of doing something – even if it may be futile – is still very good for your mental health.

As I continue down the road of chapters of ‘Monsters’, I hope to improve my delivery. (I wrote a postman innuendo to follow but it was cringe.) With my current set-up, one continuous take is best for post and anyway, I kinda like the idea of an unrehearsed, raw performance of a no cut, pause only to wet your whistle, kinda gig. If anything, we can, in several years, compare the epilogue to the prologue and remark on how this fucking guy has evolved like a creationist monkey.

The main thing is I’m out of trouble, learning a bit more about audio recording, getting more confident. Maybe I can even help others out there doing similar. Who knows? But thank you for listening, and god help you if you read this far too. X

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