Without Form and Void | Chapter 2 ‘Blue Green Rock’ | Audiobook

So I thought I’d have a go at this audiobook lark since authors are apparently supposed to play an active role in the promotion of their own work.

I’m considering recording the whole novel but as the rest of the story follows a more traditional narrative written from a woman’s perspective it might sound a bit odd drawled through a shit beard. This chapter here is more a fever dream anyway but what the hell, it’ll give people an idea of what to expect.

I’ve got a good feeling though. I mean it’s this kind of hands-on, can-do attitude that may actually sell a few more goddamn books. If, however, it doesn’t I may actually just rent a caravan on the shores of Loch Ness instead and skag mah wee heid into oblivion before going monster hunting with rocks in my pockets.*

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The Web in 2010; with Obama, Pepsi and some bananas

I’ve freshened up an old cadaver with a touch of lipstick on its withered lips and trundled the dusty horror out to dance for you:

For the record, I'm a Coca Cola guy.
For the record, I’m a Coca Cola guy.

If Coca Cola gave us Santa, then it could be argued that Pepsi gave us Barrack Obama. Continue reading “The Web in 2010; with Obama, Pepsi and some bananas”

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