Radio Ga Ga

I got to the Click station early and after babbling my usual brand of confused and terrified explanations I was shown to the studio where a broadcast was in full swing. Two girls were being shown the ropes by a chap I took to be a Professional but they were giving it such gusto that I was unsure if they actually were noobs like me. They finished off their set and one of them spoke to me; she was cute as hell. Concentrate, Mr Parlett.

Enter Ben ‘The Redwood’ Harker, Producer/Presenter of the 4-7 slot and all-round nice bloke. He talked me through what we were up to and sent me to fix a couple of audio clips in the editing room. I didn’t break anything so was quite pleased about that.

The next three hours flew by. I was really just there to see how to operate the machines and learn how not to swear so fucking much but was allowed to cut in to read the weather and help with the joke contest. The winner nabbed himself two stand-up tickets for Jimeoin tomorrow: What’s red and invisible? No tomatoes! Let’s just say the competition wasn’t exactly fierce.

But I won’t jabber on about it now, suffice to say that it was educational and exciting, (I only swore once.) We knocked around a few ideas and I’ll be back next Tuesday so tune in.

There is also a web-cam so you can watch us but don’t expect sexy dancing – I’m not that kind of girl.

Incidentally, Ben was aghast when I told him my age: “Well done!” he said. It’s getting to be a regular occurrence, people thinking I’m younger than I actually am. Must be my sunny disposition and general good nature.

In the course of the contest we came across this one by Jimmy Carr. It is where I will leave you for the evening:

Sleeping with prostitutes is like making your cat dance with you on its hind legs; you know it’s wrong, but you try to convince yourself that they’re enjoying it as well.


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  1. being invited to make radio,is like them pretending to like you. It’s only,so the webcam can catch your sexual assault (be careful Ben)and provide evidence for the court case

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