Headline for a Piece about Blog Entries

There would be words here, the words would tell you things, there would also be links. That one takes you to tside.co.uk which is where the proper-serious-correct-and-checked-by-a-teacher-so-it’s-not-shit-and-libellous-like-most-of-the-stuff-on-here will, in future, be found.

Me with my shirt off, around the time you were born.

Any of the views expressed on this blog are poorly constructed and offensive to both creed and intellect; they do not, nor will they ever, reflect those of Teesside University.

For example, I can voice my opinion here that if there is indeed a hell then the Pope himself will one day burn in that internal pit for enabling the rape and death of children the world over; I could add that despite not being particularly fond of marshmallows I would delight in toasting them over his writhing, screaming form, cackling at his torment and pausing only to pop one of the charred sweet things in my watering mouth.

But I couldn’t say something like that on the student paper. That would be frowned upon. I have an idea for a story that I’m turning around in my head. The last time I tried a similar crusade I was fired from my job so this should be good. Watch this space.

In the future, as well as beautiful photographs and links to interesting places, there could also be video, perhaps of an interview or something else related to the story; maybe me uncovering crime and corruption in the local Parmo industry. Or maybe an old video of me breaking a dead guitar as I’m too lazy to film anything new.

Dirtbox was our band, if by ‘band’ you mean a room of addicts and egomaniacs trying not to wake a baby.

And there are yet more elements at my disposal. How about, for instance, if there was some noise, maybe words or something close.

Finally, imagining the article has wet your appetite for more information there would be links now, further reading, greater depth etc… There is a way of doing this with a sexy add-on via the tside wordpress blog but for some reason I can’t even open that site via this connection.

If memory serves it looks something like:

Further Reading:




3 thoughts on “Headline for a Piece about Blog Entries

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  1. Girls,he’s not just not wearing a shirt,he wasn’t wearing pants.
    Next time smash the guitarist not the guitar.;)

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