Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

Tuesday just gone was my second assault on the airwaves. It went well.

Things are getting more and more hands-on and my nervous jabbering is beginning to be mistaken for a growing competence that would lend itself to its own show. The persons in charge want to push out new programming and they also want to start having pre-recorded weekend shows rather than just an automatic playlist (there’s no security then so unfortunately we can’t do live broadcasts.)

Next week I’ll be on Ben’s show again but this time I need to fill the content myself. I’ve put feelers out to the music society for some acoustic sets and I know how to talk irreverently about songs but It would be nice to get some others involved – a roving reporter perhaps, some pre-recorded gumpf or just general edgy madness that sails dangerously close to the libel laws they’ve been teaching us about.

Well, you know where to find me.

3 thoughts on “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

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  1. Is there a podcast? It’s been a long time sincve I’ve heard your rambling pretentious drival and I’m beginning to forget:). It’ll also help your friends,where we rarely mention you anymore and your ex,where she broke up with you:)

    1. It’s Tuesdays, 16-19, at the moment but I will probably go for a weekend show if they let me once Ben thinks I’m ready.

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