Video Killed the Radio Star

Pterosaur's-eye view of Click Teesside

I’ve decided to put my stratospheric rise to the peak of radio broadcasting on hold for the time being. Perhaps I’ll go back to it once the NCTJ exams are out of the way or perhaps it’s not the right medium for me.

There was the feeling that I was just one slip of the tongue away from getting sued or stomped; I mean, I can’t go to a party without telling some nice chap from Singapore that my Grandfather cut off heads there for Her Majesty, back in the day. It’s like I have no internal filter – my inner monologue just spits out whatever, be it harsh truth, niche humour or phonetically remembered foreign chat-up line.

My Father’s cancer – another questionable matter for debate whilst drinking whiskey in a crowded kitchen, especially when I top it off with: “But he was a bit of a dick anyway…”

It’s not like I try to be funny, or offensive – I believe it’s some form of defence mechanism. A dark, deadpan distraction from the awkward brain surges of my social retardation.

It’s not that it’s especially difficult to be upbeat at 8am despite having the conflicted approach of a Luddite in a missile control room; it’s simply that I don’t care enough. And I want to care, so very badly.

Well, anyway, I’ve run out of songs I like with Radio in the title to use for the headlines of these posts anyway. Anything I feel the need to communicate I will write here and you, if you wish, can peruse at your leisure – I’ll even let you choose the music.


Your Campus Radio continues to broadcast. Show your support and listen in – they’re a good bunch of folk there with tasty sounds for your hear buds.

4 thoughts on “Video Killed the Radio Star

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  1. that’s what will appeaer in the HUD (heads up display) of my Apache helicopter when I come loaded on Tuborg christmas beer to get medieval on your ass.

  2. If that’s the view you see through your HUD then you have just seconds before you plough the nose of your $20m attack helicopter into the station’s roof.

    Might I suggest a better method would involve hovering at a distance and delivering a strategic strike of Hellfire missiles before strafing the carnage with the 30mm cannon.

    Who says you don’t retain any information from watching the Discovery Channel.

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