A scientific approach to the threat of plastic ring carriers. Vlog #1

I decided to try one of these vlog things; me talking instead of you making the effort to turn words on a screen into a voice in your brain. It makes a change, plus you get to see the shapes I can make with my massive face.

8 thoughts on “A scientific approach to the threat of plastic ring carriers. Vlog #1

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  1. Oh wow.. that was aimed directly at me wasn’t it? .. Or is that just my lingering megalomania kicking in?
    Two questions:

    1) Can you stop your camera from auto-zooming? this makes me dizzy.

    2) What knife is that, and how do you sharpen it? It looks really nice.

    prøv den nye fanta..


    1. In a way, yes. The video tailors itself to each individual viewer, so it’s different for everyone. For example, when women watch it I’m not even wearing my ‘prøv den nye fanta’ t-shirt.

      1) I can’t disable the auto-focus as it’s just a cheap thing but I’ll try my other camera if there’s a next time.

      2) Search “Dick Superior kokkekniv japansk” – seriously. I use a ceramic sharpener.

      Also, I realise I say ‘erm’ a lot and considered marketing this as a drinking game.

  2. I was too distracted by the t-shirt,poor camera technique and the realisation of my uttter worthlessness as a human being to believe that even peforming this small action would in anyway help me to feel vaidated as a human being. Also,its mark who should pay attention to it:)

  3. Sounds like you guys are just itching to have a whip round to buy me a decent camera… Why not do a sponsored run or hold a raffle?

    I’ll wear another t-shirt next time; shake things up a bit.

    1. A new camera,maybe subtitles,appropriate soundtrack,perhaps work on what you’re going to say before you say it. I thought you wanted to direct:). I’ll buy you one with my first royalty check.

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