Scottish Defence League March on Parliament

You wait ages for a racist then 50 turn up all at once; well it looked like 50 to me but the Police estimate 150 so what do I know? There were more people filming them though, that’s for sure – it’s the festival after all – and although the Police also put the counter-protest at 350, by far the greatest number of boots on the ground belonged to the Old Bill.

Anyway; Saturday 17th August saw the Scottish Defence League (SDL) march through Edinburgh City Centre. The English Defence League were there too; overcompensating with the biggest flag. I took as much as I could stomach before circumventing the police to stand with the good guys.

Favourite line from one of the SDL guys: “My face is white, my veins are blue!” – Scottish racism is like pneumonia. Four people were arrested over the day; I put in a FOI request to the police and council for other numbers and costs; When I hear back I’ll let you know.

I felt ashamed that day for what these people were calling pride. Not in my fucking name.

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for this. I was there & just wanted to say I was PROUD to be! The stats were about 50 EDL members & 2 SDL members.

    However I marched with around 799 others in the counter march against racism. It was wonderful & made my heart swell. Fantastic day with fantastic people of all cultures. So no need to feel ashamed my friend…feel pride in what we achieved that day 😀 the mere fact that many “SDL” members were bussed up from England shows they have no place here. 😀

    A better quote of that day from all the racists to ppl marching against them…..”You’re not British anymore”.
    .pmsl…..naw…we’re Scottish…there’s a difference. …you know that Irn Bru advert….the new baby name one… you’re Mammy was a F****….yer Granny was…..well thats all I heard ringing in my ears amongst the laughter surrounding me.

    So please don’t let a tiny moronic minority make you feel shame….let the majority make you feel pride. 😀

    Much Love
    J x

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