Interview: Pope Benedict XVI on the Sickness of Homosexuals

As described and transcribed in full here. Due to a problem with the original cassette recording of this interview, I have dictated as best I can from memory.

8 thoughts on “Interview: Pope Benedict XVI on the Sickness of Homosexuals

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  1. Much easier to listen to than read, but, where did you get that accent? You sound the German colonel in ‘Allo ‘Allo:)

  2. I would like to give feedback here, as a matter of fact, because the discussion is lead in a biased way. So much so, in superimposing gay marriage, gay adoption, and the like, as acceptable family and child-upbringing standard or conditions, is counter to what is biological considered to be the best solution for sustaining civilisation.

    Merely out of a child’s perspective, a child, surely you must agree, needs both, a mother and a father. It is important for a child to have an upbringing in unity of the opposite sex marriage, the understanding of the concept of marriage between a man and a woman, to form a family, and so much more like having children.

    On Contraception: It is murder, and a result of utter selfishness, and a child needs to understand that at appropriate age, so that we can sustain society. A child will not be able to grow up appropriately with such important issues when raised in a gay environment.

    A same sex marriage can be testimony of those who abandoned their Love and trust to God or who never had trust and Love to spare for God. LGTB is a harsh reflection of selfishness towards other people. By wanting to enforce such rights for gay marriage and gay adoption rights, and partially already such laws exist, society becomes split between the sane and insane.

    The purpose of the Roman Catholic Church is not only to teach Verbum Dei, but also has accepted God’s duty by protecting the innocent from indecent affairs (like a child growing up in a same sex environment) and to protect from evilness. In the past there have been good and bad Popes trusting the Inquisitors within the Clergy, like there have been good and bad dictators of late. That, however, does not make the Vatican a foe (unfortunately that was and is easy done when the bad guys are gone).

    1. Thank you for your comment, Salvatore; I read it with thick bile rising in my throat. You’ve voiced nothing in your unremarkable critique that I didn’t cover in the recording itself. Do come back when you have a fresh perspective or an original thought xX

  3. Homosexuals are indeed sick. Their sickness is psychological as well as spiritual. The spiritual sickness is something we all have. Might I ask the purpose of sharing a video intended to bash our beloved Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (who in my opinion will be named a Doctor of the Church one day)?

    1. I shared the video because sometimes I doubt myself, sometimes I think I may be unreasonable, that true hate may only be the preserve of the ignorant. But then someone like you will come along, obviously educated, yet still dumb as a rock, and prove otherwise. Go with God ❤

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