S(h)ave Dave. A (homeless) Book Project

David Rickerby and Aarhus’ Mayor Jacob Bundgaard at S(h)ave Dave LIVE, November 12, 2013 (Photo: Jonas Høholt)
David Rickerby and Aarhus’ Mayor Jacob Bundgaard at S(h)ave Dave LIVE, November 12, 2013 (Photo: Jonas Høholt)

UPDATE: Dave smashed through the ceiling, raising 112.84 % of the 35,000kr target; that’s a total of 39,495kr he has to get his first book out there.

We should all pat ourselves on the back for supporting him, because not only have we contributed to the arts and helped publish a great book that in the current climate may not have seen the light of day, but we’ve also ensured the psychological well-being of the provincial bank manager who now does not have to face a lifetime of insomnia and panic attacks after being pistol whipped for forgetting the combination to a safe under extreme duress.

Thank you.

A good old friend of mine is working on a trilogy of novels. Not content with this challenge alone, he is also living on the streets of Aarhus, Denmark. Together with Kulturmarkt“Created to add what is not already there” he has created a crowdfunding appeal to raise the funds needed to edit and publish the first book in the trilogy.

Being an Englishman and ex-con whose previous fundraising endeavours have often involved masks, firearms and intimidating behaviour, he isn’t always afforded the opportunities of his Danish brothers and sisters. But having long since turned over a new leaf he’s being thought of now more as bohemian vagabond than ruthless felon and, after starring in his own documentary on Danish TV and being interviewed on the Radio, he now has the support of Aarhus’ Major Jacob Bundgaard:

“Aarhus is a city of diversity where there should be room for the individual regardless of where you’re from and your background. In our city all have the opportunity to grow; it is therefore natural for me to support Kulturmarkt’s S(h)ave Dave initiative. Dave deserves to grow and have his book published.”

I’ve read drafts of the first two and although I need to pull my finger out to read the third I must assert that, in a world of trite and pretentious shitemongers, it would be a damned shame to not have these stories out there. Thrills, intrigue, romance and social commentary; well crafted tales that twist around marvelously. Do yourself a favour and order a copy of the first and help support a sometimes charming, sometimes terrifying, always Yorkshireman to get his voice out there.

Am I laying it on a bit thick? Can’t I just support a friend? Am I in these stories? Yes, but is it a flattering character? No, and nor should it be.

Thank you for reading. In case you missed the links, here they are again, and please share:

The crowdfunding page

Kulturmarkd on the Facebook

The documentary

The radio interview

The 2006 interview

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