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International Students at Teesside University

Middlesbrough’s Teesside University has a student body of nearly 30,000. Of that number, more than 1,500 are international students. The ones we tended to notice are female but there is hushed talk of males.

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A play without words and some thoughts on attractiveness

Yesterday we were loaned expensive recording devices and instructed to tell a story without words. This involved questionable bathroom conduct and some multitrack fun with Adobe Audition.

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So, in furthering my bid to get all the old crap together in once place, here are the videos I made during my multimedia design years at Aarhus Tech. I’m trying to get into a habit of writing again so I will include a narrative and the odd puerile joke or two.

1. Airport

This video – I know, it’s not an animation – was my first try with Adobe Audition. We were given a short clip without audio and instructed to insert sound effects to tell the story. Rather than go for traditional props – Eg a coconut for horses – I decided to use music so un-tuned a guitar and dusted off the four-track. I was trying for the emotion of the scene, but mainly it was about having fun and learning the process of editing layered audio to video.


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